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A Look At the ABC's of CBD and How Can

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Learn About the Health Benefits Behind CBD 

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What is CBD?

If you aren't aware CBD is taking the world by storm. People are starting to learn about its therapeutic qualities on general health and its effects on the treatment for anxiety, pain, and other ailments. 

And a couple of important very  things to know:

CBD will not get you high

CBD is legal*

Not to be confused with THC the Cannibidiol responsible for buzz like high, CBD is known for its pain relief.

And thanks to the Farm Bill, that was signed in 2018, CBD is legal at the Federal Level. But we always recommend to check with your local laws to make sure it is legal where you live.

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*CBD that derives from hemp that has less than .3% THC 

*These comments are not approved by the FDA

Always seek advice from a medical professional before adding CBD to your lifestyle


A short Video Describing What is CBD BioCare and How it Can Work for You